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If this is your first visit to COPROMOTE, you may prefer getting to know more About Us first.

Below you will find all the information you need to join the COPROMOTE team. Please read the information carefully. Anyone found in deliberate violation of these terms and conditions is subject to losing their COPROMOTE privilages.


By joining COPROMOTE, you agree to the following:

  • Members agree to include the full unmodified HTML code provided by COPROMOTE for displaying banner ads on their web site, in as many or few pages as they wish. If you aren't familiar with the benfits of our Banner Exchange, please visit our Banner Exchange pages.
  • Visit our COPROMOTE Cavalry pages for a list of members that will design and build you banner for free! It is not necessary to have a web page or a banner prior to joining COPROMOTE. You should be able to find COPROMOTE Cavalry members that will help you build both, at which time we will display your new banner throughout our member website network!
  • Members acknowledge that COPROMOTE's Banner Exchange program is a free service supported by sponsors. At any given time, the banner on a member's web site may contain an advertisement from a sponsor, from another member, or from COPROMOTE.
  • COPROMOTE will not accept any advertisement, free or sponsored, from entities whose product or advertisement they determine to be offensive or inappropriate in any way. For instance, we do not allow adult sites, or sites which contain links to adult sites.
  • A member may cancel their participation in COPROMOTE by notifying COPROMOTE in writing or by sending e-mail to Upon resigning his/her membership, the member agrees to remove all references and links to COPROMOTE from the member's web site.
  • All COPROMOTE banners must be placed on a page such that the majority of people visiting that page will see and notice the banner.
  • COPROMOTE reserves the right to deactivate accounts for web sites that display an inordinate number of banners for or links to competing banner exchange services, sites that contain little or no original content, and sites where COPROMOTE banners appear on an inordinate number of dynamically-generated pages. Special exceptions to these restrictions may be made by sending e-mail to
  • A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his/her site using a device, program, or other means. A member may not display more than one COPROMOTE banner on any page. A member may not include the banner on any pages that automatically reload or go to another page without interaction from the user (ie, client pull or server push).
  • A member may not place his/her COPROMOTE HTML code on pages that are unrelated to the site being advertised. Anyone found in violation of these policies will lose all of their COPROMOTE privilages.
  • The following types of sites are NOT allowed to participate in COPROMOTE: Sites containing pornographic material, sites with links to pornographic sites, sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites that promote or utilize software or services designed to deliver unsolicited e-mail, sites that are regarded by a significant portion of the COPROMOTE membership to be inappropriate, or any other sites the administrators deem to be inappropriate.
  • Elite Web Design and Marketing retains ownership and all rights to the COPROMOTE name, logo, software, databases, reports, web site, and information.
  • Elite Web Design and Marketing reserves the right to restrict the use of the COPROMOTE name, system, logo, software, lists, databases, reports, and any information created or obtained by COPROMOTE. However, each individual web site has the right to use information obtained by COPROMOTE on the site or in the promotion of the site.
  • Members acknowledge and agree that their web site information (name, URL, traffic counts, etc.) may be utilized by COPROMOTE. Possible uses include (but are not limited to) lists of the busiest sites, lists of member sites, etc.
  • All members agree to utilize the services of COPROMOTE at their own risk. COPROMOTE, its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of the services of COPROMOTE. Although we will make a reasonable effort to provide a high standard of quality for our services, the administrators of COPROMOTE do not make any guarantees regarding the dependability, accuracy, or timeliness of the services of COPROMOTE.
  • The information provided by COPROMOTE to members may be proprietary in nature. Members acknowledge that they are not competitors of COPROMOTE, and agree not to share this information with any competitors.
  • COPROMOTE reserves the right to modify, or change these Terms and Conditions.

If you need more explanation or information about our Terms of Service, please don't hesitate to ask. Contact our staff with your questions.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions

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