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If you are here specifically to signup for membership and join our free banner exchange, just say (and click on), "Sign Me Up!". If this is your first time at COPROMOTE, please continue reading.


Welcome to COPROMOTE! If you are new to COPROMOTE, and would like more information about us, visit our 'About Us' section. If you would like to post or read others questions regarding COPROMOTE, visit our newly opened Member Service Message Board.

Membership in COPROMOTE is absolutely free, and there are no hidden charges that you will ever encounter. We ask only that you keep this in mind, and make the necessary allowances. Membership is as simple as reading and agreeing to our Terms of Service, and filling out our signup survey, designed to find out your true needs in a service such as COPROMOTE.

Here are some of the benefits of membership:

  • Our unique Banner Exchange program.
    • Is completely free! Visit the Banner Exchange area for all details.
    • Opens in a new window, so viewers don't lose the host site.
    • Up to the minute banner ad statistics.
    • Zero tolerance for any illegal or controversial material.
    • For a limited time COPROMOTE is offering 100 FREE ad banner exposures credited to your account, just for joining! We are working daily to increase the benefits of your membership!
  • Hyper Text Tutorials.
    • Basics of Hyper Text.
    • What constitutes good page design.
    • HTML message boards, to ask and answer specific questions.
    • Internet graphics workshops, tips, and tricks. We intend to have a library of graphics donated by members, for royalty-free use by other members. If you donate graphics, you automatically become a COPROMOTE Cavalry member/sponsor with all the respective benefits!
  • Internet Advertising Campaign Building
    • Theme designing.
    • Product/Service packaging.
    • Message board to share information with other members.
  • Internet Marketing Secrets
    • Warm Lead Prospecting.
    • Database generation.
    • Search Engine secrets
    • Utilizing the Usenet (Newsgroups)
    • Message board to share information with other members.
  • The COPROMOTE Barter BoardTM
    • Designed to allow our members to save their capital, and utilize each other!
    • Coming Soon - Barter BucksTM! As a COPROMOTE member, you may never have to pay for another product or service the rest of your life! Details will be available shortly!
  • Starting January 5th, 1998, Live Web Classes!
    • You read that right! Every weeknight from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard time, we will either have a scheduled class or live tech support for any web related questions you may have! Complete details available in our Members Area.

What makes COPROMOTE truly unique is many of our members offer free services, as well as receive them! That's why we call ourselves the Internet's Original Advertising Coop! When you sign up for membership, you will have an opportunity to offer free services to our membership. For it you will receive a complimentary listing in our COPROMOTE Cavalry!

We are adding more daily, and if you have any requests or suggestions please forward them to us.

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