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If you are here specifically to sign up for membership and join our free banner exchange, just say (and click on), "Sign Me Up!". If this is your first time at COPROMOTE, please continue reading.


You may already be familiar with the concept of banner or link exchanges. If you look to the top of this page, you will see an example of a banner exchange link.

Simply, the COPROMOTE Banner Exchange is a network of members that have agreed to display each others advertisement banners at their respective websites. Here is an example of how our banner exchange works:

BANNER EXCHANGE - EXAMPLE You have a website. At that site you display products and/or services for sale, or offer information. Your site may be for commercial, non-profit, or of a personal nature. You aren't satisfied with the number of visitors your site has, and are wondering how you can quickly promote your site throughout the Internet, and more importantly, how it can be done for free!

The COPROMOTE Banner Exchange program is designed to:
  • Display your ad banner throughout the database of COPROMOTE member websites!
  • Open a completely new window for the link site. This ensures that your information/website isn't lost when a banner is "clicked" on.
  • Keep track of your banner ads via a private members-only interface. You will be able to see how many exposures you've earned, how many of your banners have been shown, and most importantly, how many have successfully brought visitors to your website(s)!

Each time your website displays a COPROMOTE banner advertisement, you earn 1/2 credit towards a display of your banner on a participating COPROMOTE member website. That means if your website has 5 pages, you've added the COPROMOTE Banner Exchange code to each page, and each page is visited 100 times in a week, you just earned 250 banner display exposures for your own banner advertisement! That is 1,000 free banner advertisements each month! (assuming a 4 week month). Keep in mind, as your traffic increases, so does your exposure earnings!

Here is an example of how an ad banner will appear when it is displayed on a member site:

COPPROMOTE ButtonMemories, by jennifer - For the memories too precious to forget
COPROMOTE, The Internet's original Advertising Coop
1. COPPROMOTE Button The "CP" image is a link back to COPROMOTE, allowing others to sign up for our free ad banners, as well as our other services. New membership ensures that your ad banner is seen across the Internet!
2. Memories, by jennifer - For the memories too precious to forget
The banner ad itself is provided by our member, who either builds the the ad or signs up for a free ad graciously provided by other COPROMOTE member graphic artists. We call these members the COPROMOTE Cavalry.

Any business or individuals that offer free services to our members will earn this designation, as well as a link with a brief description of the various services they offer. Visit the COPROMOTE Cavalry area for complete details.
3. COPROMOTE, The Internet's original Advertising Coop
Just in case the viewer doesn't realize that "CP" is a button, we added the text link back to COPROMOTE.

Here is how it works:

  1. You read and agree to our Terms of Service, and then fill out our membership information form.
  2. COPROMOTE will automatically email a response with a welcome message, including:
    • A note to let you know that your Member ID is being processed and will be forwarded shortly, and how to access our Members-Only area once you receive your Member ID.
    • Directions on how to add your banner to our Banner Exchange program, once you receive your Member ID.
    • How to request a free banner advertisement from a participating COPROMOTE Cavalry member.
    • An email address to respond to if you have any questions.

If you would like to read and/or post questions regarding COPROMOTE, visit our newly opened Member Service Message Board.

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