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Individual Personality Profiles
Pro Team Builders uses only professionally administered, proven personality surveys that are widely accepted and authenticated in the industry. The actual survey used is determined by the PTB consultant based on the facts and circumstances of the engagement. The administered personality surveys will generate the individual's personality report. (see introductory offer!!!)

Individual Personality Profiles, Two
Two of the above Personality Survey's.

PTB Position ProfileAfter completion of PTB's Pro Team Position Survey, a PTB consultant will professionally evaluate the results and consult with appropriate management personnel to arrive at the "ideal" personality profile for any position in your company. To arrive at the ideal position profile, we will include up to two personality surveys performed on existing "ideal" employees( if available) for the desired position. The resulting Position Profile Report will guideline the ideal profile for comparison.

Organizational Team building
After the appropriate personality surveys are administered to selected personnel of the organization, a PTB consultant evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Recommendations are made to enable management the ability to develop effective teams in order to accomplish the organizational goals of the company.

Targeted Consulting
Additional consulting provided on as needed basis by one of PTB's qualified professional consultants.

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